Seeing colours

Pink with sparkles lies next to the brown divider; white sailing boats fill light blue waters between patched kaleidoscope purple and beige repeats here; red strawberries rest upon blue sea a delight seeing colours now hiding inside closet folds. Advertisements

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impressions +

punting, bunting frisbee, you me spring time, life prime   noses smell roses daily street party laughter springs faster   monet with fired clay light shade to dark sight nature embrace sculpture   ocean sunset cave shipwreck seashells cavewalk rock beachswells boatside harbour dogs lowtide   … *nanotist        

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tick tock, tick tock here hear the clock   time passes by still know not why no know not why   playing with words fluttering birds   finding a rhyme in metered time    

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Dulwich picture gallery: Impressions I

two boys, old canvas Murillo, Seville memories recalled dirty beggar children can’t live on bread alone peering into room Poussin with blessings sacred sacraments Jupiter suckling goats laughing ladies in shock miniscule detail still-life peony dark van Huysum vase move quickly now slowly Stop Here Sartyr with Bacchus Paris dilemma Wispy goddesses Constable found cornered […]

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High high up in the sky fly ~ Feeling like a butterfly ~ Fly Fly ~ Then die *nanotist *thanks to pixabay for the free featured image

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ice fun capture a moment in time snowflakes falling. friendships calling. throw it. catch it. frozen water in the hand. hurry, hurry. time is passing by. roll the snowman into shape. a flash. a picture. a moment frozen for all time. memories fading recently only this remains alzheimer’s forget then now * nanotist *Thanks to […]

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ruby balanced ~ atop tender fragile stem ~ bursting with new life   * nanotist * Thanks to pixabay for the free featured image.

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glorious thunder ~ return of wicked tiger ~ childhood journey   * nanotist * inspired by Haikubes and the jungle book. Thanks to PixaBay for the free featured image.

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Contemplating on the reason for being and the existence of truth. Sometimes I wish I had studied historical analysis or spent more time on classes of philosophical logic as it is difficult to dig into the topics of beauty and truth and existence without these tools. I will just have to struggle with my own […]

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